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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week in Review

Well, let's see. It's been a kind of up and down week.
I keep hearing this voice in my head, that I think we learned in First Grade,
It came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion.
I know that is usually referred to for March, but I'm stealing it okay!?
That's just how my week has been.

I decided I wanted to do a weekly review post after seeing a few of my fellow bloggers doing it.
Yeah, I'm a follower. Go ahead and label me I don't mind.
I'm going to kind of mix it up a little. It's going to be a mix between
Project 365 (um, because I've realized I have hardly any pics of child # 2)
Cups in Review (what I've been up to in the kitchen this week).

The first reference about child #2 deserves a bit of explination. You see, I'm also a child # 2.
I always swore that I would take an equal amount of pictures of all of my kids, if I were blessed with more than one.
Well, I was, and well, I haven't.
Child #1 has scrapbooks full of first baths, first teeth, first temper tantrum.
Child # 2 has a scrapbook with 2 pages. 2 pages!!
The first, when we found out we were pregnant.
The second, when we found out she was a she.
That's it. How pathetic.
So, after seeing a post on White Lights on Wednesday about Project 365 I decided that this is what I should be doing. Even if I don't get all of them scrapped, at least there will be pictures.
This is my week in pictures.

Friday April 6
My new favorite cupcake accessory!

Saturday April 7
My new favorite manicure secret! Impress Press On Manicure.This is after a full week of washing dishes!

Sunday April 8
My two most favorite people on the planet!

Monday April 9
She is thoroughly enjoying this Easter Grass!
Tuesday April 10
And she really enjoys those binkies.
Wednesday April 11
Our Magic Beans finally bloomed!

Thursday April 12
Hot Earl Grey, Mocha Frappe, and Cepacol to help sooth my Strep Throat!
See I told you it went out like a lion.
I always thought Strep was something kids get.
This is not fun at all.
The only good thing, I get to sit with my computer and talk through my fingers without saying a word.
I hope you enjoyed my week in review. And I hope you'll stop back to see what else I've been up to!
Have a great weekend everyone!
And make sure you stop back by on Sunday for


  1. Strep, oh yuck. Feel better soon! I love that bag, I need those nails, and those kids are freakin' cute. :)

  2. Thanks Dorothy! And you are right, you totally need these nails. I am totally impressed by them! And they are cheap!!

  3. Stopping by from the Feed Me hop!

    ICK on the strep, hope you get well soon.