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Friday, April 27, 2012

Cakes for a Cause

Today's the day.

The 2012 Cakes for a Cause auction.
I was so happy to be a part of this event, but I'm so happy that my part of it is over.
I loved doing the event, but I have to admit, after 2 serious tension headaches, a constant upset stomach, 5 pounds of fondant and 3 pounds of buttercream I'm glad it's over.
Cakes for a Cause is an event that has been going on in the Piqua area for several years. It's an event that raises money for grants for local Non-Profit Organization.
You can read more about it here.
I was selected to be one of the Official Bakers for the event.
(insert anxiety attack 1 here)
Isn't it funny how you picture something in your head, but when you try to put it on a cake board, sometimes it just doesn't appear the same way?
I did 5 pre-run tests. None of them worked. Defeated.
(insert anxiety attack 2 here)
The idea was to create a cupcake cake with a real working clock.
The theme to this years Cakes for a Cause was Rock Around the Clock.
The cake that I was hired to do was for a local glass shop, Hemm's Glass Shop, which just so happens to be where my husband works.
(insert anxiety attack 3 here)
I thought it would be cool to make a sheet of sugar glass to cover the face of the clock.
Now, if none of you have ever tried this. I suggest not even attempting it. This is why I did 5 trial runs.
I wanted the glass to be clear. The first round the sugar did not cooperate. It was yellow. (And yes, I'm blaming the sugar here). 
The second round. Yellow again.
(insert anxiety attack 4 here)
I decided to research a little more.
Third round. Finally. It came out clear. But bubbled.
Fourth round. Clear. No bubbles. Didn't set up...can you say ran off of the counter. Big mess.
Fifth round. Clear. No bubbles. Sticky.
Dang it!!! What now!
(insert anxiety attack 5 here)
Well, do any of you remember who I said that the cake was for.
Yes. A glass shop. Who sells glass and plexiglass.
I swear. Sometimes I try to over think things.
We finally decided on clear plexiglass as the covering.
Now, how to build the cupcake cake?
Not many of you have probably ever been privy enough to see one of my *ehem* "cake" creations.
Let's just say, there's a reason I do cupcakes.
But you know what, this one turned out just the way that I wanted it to. Well short of the sugar glass incidents.
I've had a great time. And I really look forward to working on these again next year. That is if anyone will have me as their Baker! (hint. hint)
Here are just a few of the other 89 cakes that were entered. If you're interested in bidding on any of these cakes and incentives please check out Cakes for a Cause Piqua!


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