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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cupcake Misfortune

So today has been a great day. Well except for the cupcake misfortune, I'll get to that in a few. First though, the weather is beautiful. The windows are open. I got a new necklace. I've had a cupcake or 2 or...10. Well only little bites of them! So I call it 1 cupcake! And I got to spend a few hours with one of my most favorite people on the planet. My Mom.

 Mom & I decided that we needed a girls day out. Lunch, a bit of shopping (okay we didn't get that part done), and cupcakes! There's a new cupcake store that I've wanted to check out for a while so today was the day. After a fantastic stir-fry lunch(bd Mongolian Grill is awesome) it was off to the cupcake store (that shall remain nameless).

Now here's a little bit about my mom. Everything I know about baking and cooking I learned from her. I remember that somehow, every single day, after coming home from 8 long hours in a factory, she would have dinner ready and on the table for my dad, my brother and I. And it always tasted great. I can't honestly remember very many nights that mom didn't cook (who can say that for today's households).

And she's always loved baking. In fact each and every year, right around December 1st she recieves a demand request for a box of her most beloved cookies and candies from my family that lives on the other side of the country. And every year, the box is filled with love and shipped off. My mom is the greatest. She is always there for me, no matter what. Even when she's on a diet and I need someone to try cupcakes with me :o)

Cupcake Tin Necklace
So back to the cupcakes. I had decided I was going to purchase 4 different flavors to try. Besides that's about all I could afford before having to stop at the bank for a loan. They were a bit pricy. Mom, being the mom she is, decided she'd go for 6 different ones so that we could try all 10 of them. We picked out our flavors and they wrapped them in their nice little personalized boxes. We had decided on Coconut Cream, Raspberries & Cream, Hot Fudge Sundae, Wedding Cake, Birthday Surprise, Hot Chocolate Mama, a Pecan Pie-esq one, Banana, Amaretto, and Maple Walnut. Now this cupcake shop is about 40 minutes from our house. The clerks suggestion as we walked out the door, "place the cupcakes flat on the floor board of your car for the trip home and you should have no problem!" Was she crazy, apparently she doesn't know us too well, and didn't notice the new necklace I had hanging around my neck. There was no way that these cupcakes were going to make it home, heck I don't even think they will make it 1 mile from the store.

We graciously said "thank you", with two forks in hand, out the door we went. It was about 1/2 mile from the store when mom said, "so what flavor are we going to try first?" I was trying not to seem too anxious to try these little gems, so I told her to decide. 30 minutes later we had eaten our way through 10 cupcakes. Critiquing each and every one of them. It was a great time! I loved every single minute of it. Not because I was eating cupcakes, but because I was eating cupcakes with my Mom.

Here's where the misfortune comes in. I was planning on bringing home what we had left, doing nice pictures of the products, sharing what I had gotten, and giving a verdict on these cupcakes. Here's what I came home with.

You see there was a slight malfunction with the cupcake box handles and Mom accidentally dropped the boxes of cupcakes when we got home. But from what I can tell, dropping them didn't affect the taste.

So what's the verdict on this round of sampling. It was an adorable little store. Everything that I keep imagining for my store some day. And although a couple of the cakes tasted pretty good, overall, they had too much frosting and were slightly overpriced. I guess I'll stick to my homemade, simple, tasty cupcakes (and I hope all of you will too).

80 miles worth of gas...$19.00
10 Cupcakes...$32.50
A day spent with Mom...PRICELESS!  Thanks Mom!

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  1. The necklace is really cute and I'm with you...homemade all the way. Glad you had that time with your Mom.