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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Confessions of a Food Blogger- Part 1

I have a confession.
I am not as crafty as one might think.
 What I mean is, I suck at decorating.
My house is a hodge podge of mismatched furniture, outdoorsy, wildlife prints woven strategically together with plastic tea cups, foam blocks, and lego pieces.
My latest items. Pintrest inspired.

Wildlife picture # 1 goes great with the college dorm room cabinet don't cha think?

My attempt at "themed" rooms. This would be the dusty, Ivy Dining Room.

My blah living room. Even the plant thinks it's boring.
So. There you go. I'm telling you people, I am so horrible at decorating. I have so many ideas on my Pin boards and no idea what to do.
My house is not country. My house is not modern. My house is...well..difficult to decorate.
I love our house, and I love where we live, but I'm not in love with the look.
 I just can't figure out what to do with a pre-fab living room without spending a fortune.
I need some help.
I need someone to interveen.
Any volunteers?
The job pays in cupcakes!
Someone please tell me that you can help.


  1. I would love to help...but I live in FL. :/ For decorating walls, I can give you this tip: Get some fabric that you like (I suggest multiple patterns that coordinate well together,) some canvas and either a staple gun or a hot glue gun. Cut the fabric into pieces that are just a little bigger than the canvas. Wrap the fabric around the canvas and affix to the back of the canvas with either hot glue or a staple gun. Arrange the canvas on the floor into a pattern that you like and then put it on the wall in that pattern. This link will take you to a photo of the canvas art that I did in my bedroom.

    Hope this helps a little! :)


  2. Oh, I totally know what you mean! I'm creative when it comes to scrapbooking, but decorating our house I leave up to my hubby's creativity. :) He's surprisingly great at it!

  3. Oh I feel you Kim! We moved in 8 months ago. My walls are still bare!!!!

  4. I can totally relate! It always takes me so long to decide so I don't change things very often. My 3 large living room pictures I got 10 years ago. I really want something new, but I haven't found anything I love enough to replace them. If feels like such a commitment. Haha!

  5. If I lived close by I would be over in a minute. I love to decorate and my house is not my "dream design", but I love how I decorated. Ecclectic and unique and cozy. You can get there. Just start small, one room at a time. Look for a unified color scheme for your house and dive in!

  6. Hello Kim,
    You are not alone, I don’t feel like I am great at decorating either. I have done my best decorating from lifting an inspiration room, I find a room in a magazine then copy the look. Give it a try, has worked for me and my Mom. ;o)
    Smiles, Paula

  7. I love you for this. I've been stalling on redoing our dining room set forever. We live in a rental and I feel like I can't do anything to the place. At least I can use the rental as an excuse for now. I don't know how these women redo entire rooms of their in one fail swoop. They must not have little kids or baking to do. Haha.

    1. I think I've finally decided on some paint. I'm going to start with the bathroom, since it's the smallest room in my house I figured I can't screw it up too bad!!