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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Weeks And Counting

Well here we are 13 days and counting until the busiest days yet! The start of The Sidney Farmer's Market! I'm both nervous and excited. I sat down yesterday and tried to figure out just what flavors I want to take for my first day. I've narrowed it down to seven. Yes, seven. I know I should probably have it down to just 4 or 5, but I just keep thinking, "oh, these are good too, maybe I should make those". I've got my packaging ready, I've got my business cards ready, I think I've got my help ready, now it's time to focus on the cupcakes. I've tried a couple more recipes this week, and have had success with both of them. The two latest additions are Cherry Chip and Maple Bacon. Here's a picture of the Maple Bacon cupcake. I have to say, if you're looking for something different but tasty, this cupcake is for you. It is a Maple based cupcake infused with diced bacon pieces, topped with a maple buttercream, sea salt, raw sugar, and a crispy piece of bacon!! How could it be bad, it has bacon in it right?! Right!!
And another exciting thing that happened this week? I booked my first wedding!! Yeahh!! I have until September to practice so I'm good!!!

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  1. WEDDING!!! That's awesome. Sounds like it may be a full time job sooner than you think. :)