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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Day In The Kitchen

So another day spent in the kitchen yesterday, with 1 success and 1 failure! The success, my Kentucky Bourbon Barrell Ale Cupcake. My failure, trying to make caramel for the tops of them. It never fails, you have a great idea in mind, and you think, "oh, this shouldn't be too hard, I'll try it! What could go wrong?!" Well, it went wrong, to the point that the caramel, pan and all, went right in the trash can. I have to say though at my defense, these  pans are total crap! I haven't liked the way they cook since the day I got them. I will try it again, but with a different recipe and definitley a different pan! So instead of salted caramel topped cupcakes, we have fudge icing topped cupcakes!!  Enjoy!
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Cupcakes with Fudge and Buttercream Icing and Crumbled Toffee

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