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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Quest Begins!!

Quest for the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake

I was recently selected to be one of 50 volunteers in the quest or the ultimate vanilla cupcake recipe. Out of over 700 world wide applicants Cups By Kim is now a designated "explorer" in this project. I begin today baking Vanilla Cupcakes from a recipe created to be the ultimate vanilla cupcake. The entire cupcake is from scratch and is ready to go in the oven. So what does this mean for you, other than Cups By Kim having the very best of the best vanilla cupcakes? It means I need taste testers! I have been instructed to have people try the vanilla cupcake recipes that I have been given and then report back the response and suggestions. I'm looking for volunteers to try these cupcakes. If you're interested either send your name, email, and phone number to and title the email Cupcake Volunteer. Or if you come out to the Sidney Farmer's Market July 23, 2011, stop by the Cups By Kim booth and give me your info and I'll hand you an Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake! It's as easy as that! Let's work together to find the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake Recipe!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Contest Begins!

And so the day has come. The Piqua Farmer's Market Cupcake Decorating Contest. The chance to get the word out about Cups by Kim. I've spent the last two days trying to perfect my design, my recipes, and my presentation. Everything was coming together just great, everything was ready to be put together, then it happened. A fall so graceful even the judges at the Olympics would have scored it high! Luckily no cupcakes were harmed during this display of grace, but I was. And even more luckily, Sophie wasn't hurt! So it put a little roadblock to the decorating train, but with a little help from my DC and my friend Ibuprofen I'm back in the game. Ready to challenge the best of the best. So here they are. The theme for today's contest, "Fresh From the Farm". What could be more fresh from the farm than fresh eggs and chickens. So, what does everyone think???