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Friday, August 3, 2012

An Accidental Discovery

I feel like I've lost my groove.
This whole blogging thing is hard work.
I thought that since my cupcake business had slowed down I'd have so much more time to dedicate to writing about all of my great adventures and inventive recipes.
Not the case.
I've kind of lost my inspiration.
I just can't think of anything good to make.
And every time I see a recipe that I think sounds good, I feel like I'm being a copy cat so I don't blog about it.
How do you guys feel about that issue?
When you see a recipe online on someone elses blog that you'd like to try, do you try it and then blog about it? Of course giving props for the recipe!
Is there a time frame that you allow yourself before posting about it?
I still feel like I'm new at this blogging thing. I don't know all of the rules.
I don't even know if there really are rules.
I know there are common courtesies, but I don't really know all about it yet.
So...fill me in.
What's the one "rule" that you've learned from the blogging community that you think every new blogger should know?
And since I've kind of lost my creative streak, who do I rely on for ideas.
Well, mostly other's living in my house.
Today was one of those days.
After doing a cupcake order yesterday, I had some mint gonache left over.
Now. Here's one thing about dear hubby that you should know.
If there's a cupcake sitting on the counter, he has enough willpower to leave it alone. In fact, I don't think he even has the slightest problem with it being there.
(I know. I think he's from another planet)
But when it comes to mint gonache...he is all in!
Most of the time, it just involves hubby, bowl of gonache, and a spoon.
However, today was a little different.
It was hubby, above mentioned gonache, and...pretzels!
And to our surprise it was UNBELIEVABLE!!
As in, I had to pry dear hubby away from the bowl and beg him to save some for me for later
(you know. pictures for the post!)
I couldn't believe how good this simple little mix was.
I don't know why I was so surprised. 
Besides, after the peanut butter and chocolate combination, the chocolate and pretzel combination comes in a pretty close second place.
So. If you need a little inspiration just look to all those simple little things sitting around your kitchen and throw something together.
You might be a little surprised at how it turns out!

Mint Chocolate Pretzel Bites

A bunch of pretzels
A bunch of Andes Mints
1/2 cup heavy cream

Unwrap Andes Mints and place in a bowl (I used about 25).
Bring heavy cream just to a boil in a sauce pan.
Pour cream over Andes mints and stir until smooth.
Allow mint gonache to come to room temperature and then dip, top, or dunk pretzels (also tastes great off of a spoon!)


  1. UGHH I know how you feel. HOWEVER I still bake and blog about it, making sure to cite the source. At least they get some extra traffic! :) But I'd say if you feel like you don't want to copycat, get creative and think of variations! :)

    1. Thanks Sophie. I just need to get my butt in the kitchen and get busy!

  2. Agreed ... I think as long as you credit your source, you can still make something and blog about it. There are a bazillion blogs out there so maybe you are introducing your readers to one they hadn't found yet :)

  3. I love this dip, it sounds so wonderful Kim! My husband is much like yours. :) I am constantly finding inspiration from other bloggers. I have a really hard time following recipes, so I usually end up changing a few things. If something is from another blogger or is similar, I usually try and wait at least a couple weeks before posting; otherwise everyone JUST saw it and I feel like it's stale, ya' know? And, of course, sourcing is of utmost importance. Good luck Kim, I know it how is to get in a rut!

    1. I think I just need to let go of doing a recipe exactly as is and try something new. Even if it doesn't turn out good it's still something to talk about! Thanks Dorothy!

  4. Kim, I know exactly how you feel! I've lost my groove (hence the guest posting on my blog all week) and I'm searching for inspiration in every nook and cranny. Happens to the best of us for sure! But as far as recipes go, nothing's truly "original" anymore, and as bloggers, we become inspired by one another's recipes, stories and things we see in passing. I'd say, if you see something that inspires you, make it! If you can make it your own with little tweaks or changes, even better. Otherwise, I think as a blogger it's incredibly flattering to see other's becoming inspired by your dishes. Makes the world a happier place, and it's an ego boost :) good luck! BTW, this dip looks fantastical.

    1. Thanks Hayley! And you are so right, it is flattering when you see others being inspired by your posts, I just need to take some time to regroup and get busy in the kitchen!

  5. There's just something amazing about chocolate and pretzel combined. Maybe it's the sweet and the salty combination. I am not sure but I know I love it! One of my favorite candy bars is the Reese's Take 5. Pretzels, peanut butter and chocolate. Whoever came up with that idea for a candy bar is my hero. :)

    1. Take 5 is like my all time favorite! I've been contemplating some type of Take 5 cupcake but just haven't done it yet! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Don't ya hate in when real life gets in the way and makes you too tired to blog? Haha! That happens to me occasionally to. You said it exactly right about recipes. I think they are interesting because they're so much easier to copy. I'm not necessarily a food blogger (although I do blog about food), so I haven't had the exact same problem. This is my opinion...I think if you make it blog about it and explain what you thought about it. You're an awesome and entertaining blogger. It think that's why you have so many followers. If you're afraid of being a copy cat, just link to the recipe instead of posting it. That way, the original source gets the traffic. And you still get to blog about it. I think it's a win for both.

    1. Thanks Shatzi, I appreciate the compliments! And I'm seeing a pattern here, I just need to get busy and start cooking and writing!!

  7. I'm sorry you are in a blogging slump but hang in there, you will move beyond it soon. I think most bloggers post to inspire, encourage others so I think it is fine to recreate what they have done and if you can put your own touch/spin on it all the better. Yes, always give credit to the source and link back to their site. I get inspiration from lots of things but I'd be lost without my fellow bloggers.
    Your dip sounds lovely, I love mint. ~ Paula (The Vanilla Bean Baker)